Hyperlink Management System is a tool for automatically updating and maintaining hyperlinks among major biological databases. We update correspondence tables of data IDs everyday, and provide the most up-to-date hyperlinks among databases. For details, see here.

BioDBScan, an e-mail alert system of new data, was released. For details, see here.BioDBScan

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All Database Search
Here, you can conduct "All Database Search" by using data IDs. By specifying data IDs used in the databases below, it will show the corresponding data IDs in all databases. The data IDs that appear have hyperlinks to original databases.

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ID converter system
ID Converter System is a tool for converting data IDs for biological molecules that are used in a database into other, corresponding data IDs that are used in other databases. Multiple IDs can be converted at a time. You can also specify a file on your PC, and convert a list of IDs in it.

Source ID(s)   Convert to ...

Specify a file with a list of IDs
You can download corresponding tables of two IDs in tab-delimited text format. Because data IDs are updated everyday, you can always obtain the most up-to-date corresponding tables.

First ID   Second ID

ID Resolver is a tool for discriminating various types of data IDs. If you have any data IDs of unknown origin, please try it. Multiple IDs can be discriminated at a time.


Update Information
 Count IdLast updateData cnt.AddedDeleted
ClinVarVariant ID2018-04-09 18:52:343899833899830
dbSNPReference cluster ID(rs#)2018-04-30 08:06:1665170630500
GWASReference cluster ID(rs#)2018-02-04 23:00:3043477434770
HGVDReference cluster ID(rs#)2016-12-11 13:30:003466991021910489
iJGVDReference cluster ID(rs#)2018-02-04 23:00:30967141096714100
VaDEReference cluster ID(rs#)2018-02-04 23:00:3019374193740

Link Information
 dbSNPHGVDiJGVDGWAS CatalogVaDENCBI Entrez GeneClinVar
Reference cluster ID(rs#)65170630534669900025071500173
Reference cluster ID(rs#)65170630534669900025071500173
Reference cluster ID(rs#)65170630534669900025071500173

 Collected databases/IDs for Polymorphism
  • Reference cluster ID(rs#)
  • GeneID
  • Reference cluster ID(rs#)
  • Reference cluster ID(rs#)
  • Reference cluster ID(rs#)
  • GeneID
GWAS Catalog
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  • Reference cluster ID(rs#)
  • Variant ID

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