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Here, you can conduct "All Database Search" by using data IDs. By specifying data IDs used in the databases below, it will show the corresponding data IDs in all databases. The data IDs that appear have hyperlinks to original databases.

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ID converter system
ID Converter System is a tool for converting data IDs for biological molecules that are used in a database into other, corresponding data IDs that are used in other databases. Multiple IDs can be converted at a time. You can also specify a file on your PC, and convert a list of IDs in it.

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You can download corresponding tables of two IDs in tab-delimited text format. Because data IDs are updated everyday, you can always obtain the most up-to-date corresponding tables.

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ID Resolver is a tool for discriminating various types of data IDs. If you have any data IDs of unknown origin, please try it. Multiple IDs can be discriminated at a time.


Update Information
 Count IdLast updateData cnt.AddedDeleted
ALLELEALLELE ID2017-02-07 14:22:57503359422
BRC_MSBRC ID2014-01-17 03:20:581402162
EnsemblEnsembl Gene ID2014-12-31 04:12:54226211157765
FANTOMClone ID(FANTOM)2010-04-21 13:15:591018151018150
IMPCMGI Marker Accession ID2017-04-30 15:45:5222775227750
KEGGKEGG Gene ID2017-06-17 18:54:25806333
MGIMGI Marker Accession ID2017-02-07 14:22:5770228100
NCBIEntrez Gene2017-06-23 17:46:1042523109
UniProtUniProt Accession Number2017-06-10 17:32:2353698466

Link Information
 NCBI RefSeq nucleotideNCBI GenBankNCBI Entrez GeneNCBI PubMedNCBI RefSeq proteinEvolaMGI GeneMGI AlleleMouse Gene SymbolKEGG GeneKEGG PathwayInternational Mouse Phenotyping ConsortiumUniProtEnsembl TranscriptEnsembl GeneFANTOMBRC Mouse StrainPDBCOXPRESdb
ALLELE ID5445914005712225263341499759246245915033512249001202436896208321191147994963380212209
Accession Number1096204449224252327123677136139344960738923322630020723535484897422183101789963438931583
BRC ID2657838555978971247343114144985553005442045122463522411429436557
Clone ID(FANTOM)82406101789252952565286891976714141235077249920017564391442294814195101815856227124101
Ensembl Gene ID7512599138184702624186882210076350123666919233001889350933538192262135360919404118458
Ensembl Transcript ID7512599138184702624186882210076350123666919233001889350933538192262135360919404118458
H-Inv transcript ID (HIT)53805136981328223039649268171232504728568132040012938272021465799777519710205413258
KEGG Gene ID000000000806331500000000
KEGG Pathway ID000000000806331500000000
MGI Marker Accession ID89171220646306292693217407813573702283893335104002277553019318111940480640963432329368
Mouse Gene Symbol891712210723062926932174078135775248538990130059002219553021318151940780640963432329368
PDB ID723787971550111248668480635546355172900167916051207770552432234968191539
PubMed ID951054023524850227347575323139234886538918315660020667531693162119378101789963438043368
RefSeq ID1096204449224252326835077136139344960738923322630020723535484897422183101789963438931583
RefSeq Protein ID84001192806220862659067714113375363463768420020001977151632303421836072186939404421299
UniProt Accession Number737488597217957263252674129794343663668118824001828553698429672053532457913452017945

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