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Here, you can conduct "All Database Search" by using data IDs. By specifying data IDs used in the databases below, it will show the corresponding data IDs in all databases. The data IDs that appear have hyperlinks to original databases.

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ID converter system
ID Converter System is a tool for converting data IDs for biological molecules that are used in a database into other, corresponding data IDs that are used in other databases. Multiple IDs can be converted at a time. You can also specify a file on your PC, and convert a list of IDs in it.

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You can download corresponding tables of two IDs in tab-delimited text format. Because data IDs are updated everyday, you can always obtain the most up-to-date corresponding tables.

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ID Resolver is a tool for discriminating various types of data IDs. If you have any data IDs of unknown origin, please try it. Multiple IDs can be discriminated at a time.


Update Information
 Count IdLast updateData cnt.AddedDeleted
ALLELEALLELE ID2017-02-07 14:22:57503359422
BRC_MSBRC ID2014-01-17 03:20:581402162
EnsemblEnsembl Gene ID2014-12-31 04:12:54226211157765
FANTOMClone ID(FANTOM)2010-04-21 13:15:591018151018150
IMPCMGI Marker Accession ID2017-10-12 16:14:4022775227750
KEGGKEGG Gene ID2017-10-21 17:57:4236156431
MGIMGI Marker Accession ID2017-02-07 14:22:5770228100
NCBIEntrez Gene2017-11-10 19:32:5142441910
UniProtUniProt Accession Number2017-10-28 17:18:5147687170225844

Link Information
 NCBI RefSeq nucleotideNCBI GenBankNCBI Entrez GeneNCBI PubMedNCBI RefSeq proteinEvolaMGI GeneMGI AlleleMouse Gene SymbolKEGG GeneKEGG PathwayInternational Mouse Phenotyping ConsortiumUniProtEnsembl TranscriptEnsembl GeneFANTOMBRC Mouse StrainPDBCOXPRESdb
ALLELE ID55582140069122292711785096992462459150335122491217931812024234208321191147994963012209
Accession Number11139244728042441279340786411393449596389233225536109318207233814897422183101789963031501
BRC ID2694838755980975250943114144985553555263544151224635224114290557
Clone ID(FANTOM)843281017892529026412970403767141412350772499221068318175643042294814195101815856024016
Ensembl Gene ID76769991381847327024370280100753500536669192331829231818893348538192262135360919018456
Ensembl Transcript ID76769991381847327024370280100753500536669192331829231818893348538192262135360919018456
H-Inv transcript ID (HIT)55093136981328023722550394171232504628568132041318231812938691465699767519710013252
KEGG Gene ID1110832039753610927635278615135554163038673247603615631819976324305651855478160961025520
KEGG Pathway ID1110832039753610927635278615135554163038673247603615631819976324305651855478160961025520
MGI Marker Accession ID910972206573061327741475587135727022838933351042474531822775361318021939780640963029274
Mouse Gene Symbol9109722108330613277414755871357752485389901300592474531822195361318151940780640963029274
PDB ID00000000000000000998670
PubMed ID9701640427748517281813768581392348856389183156028032318206673703162119378101789963043292
RefSeq ID11139244728042441276450786411393449596389233225536109318207233814897422183101789963031501
RefSeq Protein ID857141937352210327385578646133813637237685200412207831819779277303481836572216939021313
UniProt Accession Number14796633522010012676968896337831722931238184045936497280351

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