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Here, you can conduct "All Database Search" by using data IDs. By specifying data IDs used in the databases below, it will show the corresponding data IDs in all databases. The data IDs that appear have hyperlinks to original databases.

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ID converter system
ID Converter System is a tool for converting data IDs for biological molecules that are used in a database into other, corresponding data IDs that are used in other databases. Multiple IDs can be converted at a time. You can also specify a file on your PC, and convert a list of IDs in it.

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You can download corresponding tables of two IDs in tab-delimited text format. Because data IDs are updated everyday, you can always obtain the most up-to-date corresponding tables.

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ID Resolver is a tool for discriminating various types of data IDs. If you have any data IDs of unknown origin, please try it. Multiple IDs can be discriminated at a time.


Update Information
 Count IdLast updateData cnt.AddedDeleted
ALLELEALLELE ID2017-02-07 14:22:57503359422
BRC_MSBRC ID2014-01-17 03:20:581402162
EnsemblEnsembl Gene ID2014-12-31 04:12:54226211157765
FANTOMClone ID(FANTOM)2010-04-21 13:15:591018151018150
IMPCMGI Marker Accession ID2015-04-17 11:35:00227751938626365
KEGGKEGG Gene ID2017-04-22 15:30:1936148480
MGIMGI Marker Accession ID2017-02-07 14:22:5770228100
NCBIEntrez Gene2017-04-23 16:30:3842523109
UniProtUniProt Accession Number2017-02-18 14:15:24536194728

Link Information
 NCBI RefSeq nucleotideNCBI GenBankNCBI Entrez GeneNCBI PubMedNCBI RefSeq proteinEvolaMGI GeneMGI AlleleMouse Gene SymbolKEGG GeneKEGG PathwayInternational Mouse Phenotyping ConsortiumUniProtEnsembl TranscriptEnsembl GeneFANTOMBRC Mouse StrainPDBCOXPRESdb
ALLELE ID5445714005712225260882499729246245915033512249121753141202436876208321191147994963375012209
Accession Number1096164449084252326870177132139344960738923322633610431420723534934897422183101789963433231583
BRC ID26548385559782162470431141449855535552585442044122463522411429431557
Clone ID(FANTOM)82404101789252952541226891676714141235077249922099031417564391172294814195101815856223924101
Ensembl Gene ID7512299138184702599636881910076350123666919233182873141889350861538192262135360919398618458
Ensembl Transcript ID7512299138184702599636881910076350123666919233182873141889350861538192262135360919398618458
H-Inv transcript ID (HIT)53801136981328222818349264171232504728568132041317831412938271881465799777519710203613258
KEGG Gene ID109308202937361042657197710813550415623867324693361483141997251842305621855278049961399125518
KEGG Pathway ID109308202937361042657197710813550415623867324693361483141997251842305621855278049961399125518
MGI Marker Accession ID89169220646306292667937407513573702283893335104246773142277552968318111940480640963427029368
Mouse Gene Symbol891692210723062926679374075135775248538990130059246773142219552970318151940780640963427029368
PDB ID72078795154710963666568023544631717301533290168115941206570482424234951161537
PubMed ID951004023384776827028375317139234886538918315662795331420667531193162119378101789963432343360
RefSeq ID1096164449084252326581777132139344960738923322633610431420723534934897422183101789963433231583
RefSeq Protein ID83996192790220852634257713713375363463768420020220613141977151588303421836072184939399121299
UniProt Accession Number737188593817954260794673869792343613667818821177023141828253643429532052932456913446117942

 Collected databases/IDs for Mus musculus
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  • RefSeq Protein ID
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  • H-Inv transcript ID(HIT)
  • Accession Number
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  • Allele ID
  • Mouse Gene Symbol
  • Accession Number
  • MGI Marker Accession ID
  • UniProt Accession Number
  • Accession Number
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BRC Mouse Strain
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  • GeneID

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