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Here, you can conduct "All Database Search" by using data IDs. By specifying data IDs used in the databases below, it will show the corresponding data IDs in all databases. The data IDs that appear have hyperlinks to original databases.

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ID converter system
ID Converter System is a tool for converting data IDs for biological molecules that are used in a database into other, corresponding data IDs that are used in other databases. Multiple IDs can be converted at a time. You can also specify a file on your PC, and convert a list of IDs in it.

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You can download corresponding tables of two IDs in tab-delimited text format. Because data IDs are updated everyday, you can always obtain the most up-to-date corresponding tables.

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ID Resolver is a tool for discriminating various types of data IDs. If you have any data IDs of unknown origin, please try it. Multiple IDs can be discriminated at a time.


Update Information
 Count IdLast updateData cnt.AddedDeleted
ALLELEALLELE ID2017-02-07 14:22:57503359422
BRC_MSBRC ID2014-01-17 03:20:581402162
EnsemblEnsembl Gene ID2014-12-31 04:12:54226211157765
FANTOMClone ID(FANTOM)2010-04-21 13:15:591018151018150
IMPCMGI Marker Accession ID2017-09-10 16:20:3222775227750
KEGGKEGG Gene ID2017-09-16 16:21:333615280920
MGIMGI Marker Accession ID2017-02-07 14:22:5770228100
NCBIEntrez Gene2017-09-17 18:00:07425272810
UniProtUniProt Accession Number2017-09-10 16:20:3253721232580

Link Information
 NCBI RefSeq nucleotideNCBI GenBankNCBI Entrez GeneNCBI PubMedNCBI RefSeq proteinEvolaMGI GeneMGI AlleleMouse Gene SymbolKEGG GeneKEGG PathwayInternational Mouse Phenotyping ConsortiumUniProtEnsembl TranscriptEnsembl GeneFANTOMBRC Mouse StrainPDBCOXPRESdb
ALLELE ID5464514005712228268023501439246245915033512249121783171202436907208321191147994963386312209
Accession Number1098604452304252727605577351139344959838923322563610831720723535734897422183101789963445231585
BRC ID26688385559801752483431141449855535552625442046122463522411429442557
Clone ID(FANTOM)82634101789252972610486912476714141235077249922099231717564391752294814195101815856231324101
Ensembl Gene ID7534999138184732670626902310076350123666919233182893171889350966538192262135360919410018458
Ensembl Transcript ID7534999138184732670626902310076350123666919233182893171889350966538192262135360919410018458
H-Inv transcript ID (HIT)53960136981328123445549403171232504728568132041317731712938272391465799777519710209113257
KEGG Gene ID109549203059361082730677732313549415493867324684361523171997151910305611855178051961410625517
KEGG Pathway ID109549203059361082730677732313549415493867324684361523171997151910305611855178051961410625517
MGI Marker Accession ID89395220632306232741347429113573702283893335104246713172277553044318111940480640963438629359
Mouse Gene Symbol893952210583062327413474291135775248538990130059246713172219553046318151940780640963438629359
PDB ID73538978157011372967888203603643517491555295169916251212370792545235982071559
PubMed ID953674024754852927839175560139234885838918315612796831720667531933162119378101789963444343373
RefSeq ID1098604452304252727316677351139344959838923322563610831720723535734897422183101789963445231585
RefSeq Protein ID84246192940220972706357735613378363543768420026220703171977351660303441836272198939410621307
UniProt Accession Number739688597617959267906676089797343663668018823177073171828453721429692053332458913458317944

 Collected databases/IDs for Mus musculus
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  • H-Inv transcript ID(HIT)
  • Accession Number
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  • Allele ID
  • Mouse Gene Symbol
  • Accession Number
  • MGI Marker Accession ID
  • UniProt Accession Number
  • Accession Number
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BRC Mouse Strain
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  • GeneID

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