ID converter system
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About "ID converter system"

This service is a system that does the batch conversion to ID of the form that specifies the input ID list.

How to use

    Fig.1 Top page

  1. The form of converted ID is selected.
    ID list

  2. Converted ID is input.
    When two or more ID is input, it delimits it by the comma, space, and changing line.
    Moreover, the list of ID can be up-loaded.

  3. The form of converted ID is selected(above table lists).
    Please click "Search".

  4. Please click "Search".
    Please click "Download" when you want to preserve the retrieval result.

    Fig.2 Retrieval result

    ID list for human
    1Accession Number
    2H-Inv cluster ID (HIX)
    3H-Inv transcript ID (HIT)
    4H-Inv protein ID (HIP)
    5UniProt Accession Number
    6HUGO gene symbol
    7RefSeq ID
    8OMIM ID
    10RefSeq Protein ID
    11PubMed ID
    12dbSNP rs#
    13Marker Name
    14PDB ID
    15fRNAdb ID
    16Ensembl Gene ID
    17Ensembl Transcript ID
    18Ensembl Protein ID
    19Clone ID (by NBRC)
    20FLJ ID (by NBRC)
    21HPRD ID
    22CIPRO ID
    23KEGG Gene ID
    24KEGG Pathway ID
    25PdbeChem ID
    26DrugBank ID
    27DGV ID
    28Peptide Accession

    ID list for mouse
    1MGI ID
    2Accession Number
    3H-Inv transcript ID (HIT)
    4UniProt Accession Number
    7PubMed ID
    8Ensembl Transcript ID
    9Ensembl Gene ID